It all started in Ferris, Texas, back in 2009...

Cadreyta, originally from Nuevo León, Mexico, made tamales at home and shared the meals from her kitchen with family, friends and neighbors. Everyone was delighted with the unique flavor of her recipe and they asked her again and again why wasn't she selling those delicious tamales.

Cadreyta started taking the idea seriously and soon it became a project shared with her husband, José Cantú. Together they worked hard to make that Tacos Cantu dream come true.

The Cantus did not leave anything to chance. From day one they were committed to offering their customers a tamale like the one Cadreyta prepared at their home kitchen. That would only be possible by respecting the family recipe and carefully selecting the freshest ingredients. Among those ingredients, there is one that stands out: the corn grown by the Cantus at their Ferris Ranch. Each tamale that is served at Tacos Cantu is made with their own fresh and delicious corn, grown with love and without additives. Cadreytas tamales, now known as Tamales Cantu, are the result of combining a recipe perfected over the years, the best ingredients and the magic of ancient Mexican traditions.

It all went as friends and family foresaw, Cadreyta's tamales became a great success. The compliments she received at home became positive reviews on social media. Today, word of mouth combines with social media to give Tacos Cantu a privileged place among traditional Mexican restaurants in the United States.

By now you surely noticed our tamales are very close to our hearts. We cannot help it since, after all, that is how this story started. But that was only the beginning. Today our menu features popular Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, flautas, tortas, cuajitos and menudos, among others and, of course, our exclusive red and green sauces. Just like our tamales, everything that comes out of our kitchen is prepared with love, pride and family recipes so that you will enjoy that homemade flavor everytime.

Haven't you tasted the flavor that Cadreyta's brought to Texas from her native Nuevo León yet? We are waiting for you! Come visit us and have a taste of Mexican home food...And if you already know us, be sure to talk about your experience in your Social Networks. Thanks for sharing!

Our Food is Made with Love and Pride

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